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Master of Art & Design, Animation and Digital Imaging Concentration

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Master of Art & Design, Animation and Digital Imaging Concentration

North Carolina State University, College of Design
Master of Art & Design, Animation and Digital Imaging Concentration

This concentration educates artists/designers skilled in drawing, time-based imaging, and digital imaging to effectively use the computer to synthesize and augment these skill-sets as the demand for animators increases in the future. The concentration provides an intensive level of experience, instruction, and immersion in digital 3-D animation and graphics. Emphasis will be placed on the combination of digital processes with traditional hand processes in the conception and production of digital images and animated products. A wide range of development and presentation formats will be open for exploration. Students in this program will be exposed to state of the art software and equipment.

The first year will consist of six core courses providing a common foundation for the program: two design studios; a graduate seminar; an animation or fibers seminar; and two electives. Design studios will provide immersion into selfÐdirected handsÐon work, while the seminars provide opportunities to read, write about, and discuss art and design theory and practice and current issues common to all art and design areas as well as those specific to the chosen concentration. Candidacy review occurs halfway through the program.

The second year allows the student to take appropriately supporting electives and to specialize on a creative project.It will consist of a studio; a final project preparatory seminar; three electives; and a final project studio. The final project requires students to explore, research, and develop an individual body of work with guidance from the graduate faculty, culminating in an original body of creative work in a public exhibition or presentation, an oral examination, and a written documentation supporting the research theme and process.

For more information & admission requirements please contact the Graduate Program Director Susan Brandeis ( at 919/515-3876. OR Graduate Secretary, Pamela Christie-Tabron ( at 919-515-8308.