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Rental: Workstations, Render Nodes, Disk Arrays

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Rental: Workstations, Render Nodes, Disk Arrays

When you need to rent animation hardware, including computers, graphics cards, render nodes, storage systems, and monitors, for a few weeks or a few months, call AC&E (310) 820-8998.

About AC&E:

American Computers & Engineers, is one of the first computer sales and rental companies in Los Angeles. Incorporated in 1978 in Brentwood, AC&E has remained until today under the same ownership and management.

AC&E witnessed the birth of the microcomputer and the advent of the workstation and the graphics engines. AC&E became a VAR to Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and Silicon Graphics upon their introduction of the networked workstation.

Today AC&E maintains a sales, rental, and service location on 11726 San Vicente Boulevard in the heart of Brentwood and within minutes of most of the Visual Effects industry companies.

[B]Equipment in stock include Dual Core Opteron based systems with 2.4Ghz
and up to 32GB RAM, up to 6 Terabytes of Raid storage systems,
and up to 30" Flat Screen monitors.[/B]

AC&E provides a flexible and competitive Workstation, Render Farm,
and Disk Array Rental programs, as well as same day delivery capability.

Please call AC&E at (310) 820-8998 for more information.