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looking for specific animation

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looking for specific animation

Hi, I'm new here - found this forum while looking for a specific animation. It is a remarkable end-of-the-world story, by nuclear weapons, but everything takes place inside one couple's house. The husband keeps saying to his wife, "Don't shake your eyes at me, lady." which is something she actually does. He is always sawing things, including the couch. She at one point vaccums a huge tire in a closet. It's goofy. You can see they've been together a long time, it near the end of their lives anyway, the bomb happens while they go about their lives, bickering about sawing and shaking eyes and at the end, the war is over, everyone is dead, including them. They don't know it; they open the front door and walk out into a field of butterflies and sunshine. Does anyone know how I can find this animation?

I believe it's called "When the Wind Blows" based on the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs.

Google it and you should be able to find more info on it. As far as getting a copy of the film you'll have to dig a little deeper for that.


The animated film you're looking for is called "The Big Snit" by Richard Condi. I never laughed so hard in my life as I did when I first saw this at one of the Animation Celebrations in the 80's. I'm not sure if he's still there but he used to be with the Film Board of Canada, and he's awesome!! You should check out his other stuff too. I've got a VHS copy of his work and I know that the Film Board of Canada also puts out compilations out, the Animation Celebrations, the Best of Montreal, etc. Enjoy- and I hope the Big Snit leads you to finding other great independent "classics"!

About a couple of months ago I captured "The Big Snit" from the TV to an avi. It has spanish (latin america) dub. I can upload it for you if you want (but I'm new to this forum, so I don't know if it's against the rules to do it).