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Coucou CLock !

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Coucou CLock !

Hello !
I'am a French Student and i've finish a Short Film : "Coucou Clock".
A little Cartoon of 3 mn !
You can see it here :

Thank you ! ;)

Hello !
My translation was :

Objects of a kitchen take life when there is nobody.
Their principal occupation is a match of darts opposing the corkscrew to the vase.
One day, new arrives...

But i'm just a student !
You can't see the film ?
Hum What is your OS ? Mac, Pc, linux ?
If you have WinXp ou any Windows, you have Windows Media player,
and just have to download the Sld Codec Pack available on the site, the pack read Divx, Xvid and other formats ....
If you have Mac, you have Quicktime Player, et don't need any codecs to read Sorenson 3.
If you have Linux, i don't know ! :p

If you have problem you can download SLD here :
If you have problem you can download Quicktime (for mac or pc) here :

I hope it will be ok :D

I could see it. Thought it was pretty neat!

I do not use xDiv and the Sorenson 3 is also something I can not view. I translated the text as follows

Objects of a kitchen take life when there is not nobody their principal occupation is an opposing match of arrow draws it stopper with the mud. One day, new arrives...
( I used Google to translate your text.)

So you have done a "Little Toaster" type film with kitchen objects and a CouCou clock. So it sounds interesting to me just wish I could view it