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How many times do we have to clarify this, Kdiddy?
No one on this thread is claiming that religion is the lone cause of the world's problems, and there is absolutely no evidence on this thread to support that suspicion. I'm simply saying that religious dogma is often a significant cause of social disfunction, as it certainly is in the examples I listed above. Clearly, without the influence of religion, this country would be much less anti-gay, anti-science, anti-stem cell, and anti-condom use. That's not to say that those problems would be completely eliminated. Obviously, individuals can be insane without the influence of religion, but religion has the power to unite lunatics and idiots as few other institutions do.

When the governments of the Western world were completely controlled by religion, it was a nightmare for any independent thinker to live in those countries. Most religions are based in superstition and mythology, so their natural antithesis is based in reason and fact.
Gradually, the Western countries are becoming less religious, and much more liveable.