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DIGITAL TABLE which one?

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DIGITAL TABLE which one?


i would like to know which digital table is better to do comics,manga, anime, and realistic portrait and animation, you know for coloring and drawing my computer is a pentium 4 1.2gb 128mb ram

Really i would like a digital table coz is sorta dificult to paint with my mouse.

when a digitial table is small and when is ok and when is big? which one is better? in my case

The seller told me this table is good for my requeriments in art what u think?

i hope u can help me thanks u so much for reading
with all my respect for u


Wacom. Hands down the best so far. We have 12 in our labs for use with the animation studios and industrial design. I have one as well, when not in use, it's a second monitor.

'digital table' or tablet

The best Wacom tablet is the Cintiq where you are drawing directly on the monitor. Of the two versions the one that rotates 360 degrees is the best. We have them in our lab and they are always busy.

Have u heard of the Wacom brand? As far as I know its what most ppl use, and i have a wacom graphire myself.