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Seeking 2D student animators!

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Seeking 2D student animators!

Studio Alchemy is a group of students creating a Mac title. The entire game is hand drawn, and will have a storybook feel. We are currently looking for talented character animators to collaborate on this exciting endevor. check out our site for more details, as well as all of our conceptual illustrations.

studio alchemy

2d Traditional Artist

Hi there, I am a 2d traditional animaton student and I have checked out ur website and I like the style of the game. I am interested on working on the game with your studio. Please can you get back to me with some more details.


actually, we don't have a budget to work with as it is a student run effort. We believe, however, that a shipped game is a priceless resume item -- so that is all we can offer staff members.

i really dig your style, sounds like a cool idea.
is this going to be a rpg type game or just a straight forward adventure game?
i wouldn't mind doing some art for you guys. check out some of my work and let me know.
Animation and Design

...I have talented students that can do it, is there any payment?