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industry 2d animation on computers?

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industry 2d animation on computers?

I've been using Flash to animate with, as it's a lot faster than drawing on paper, scanning it in, finding out your animation isn't quite how you want it, and starting the whole process all over again. I've also heard studios like Cartoon Network are working on 2d animation software (so Flash doesn't have to frustrate the hell out of me by vectorizing and therefore controlling everything I draw!!!). Can I expect the industry to move away from paper any time soon? How popular is 2d animation software like ToonBoom and other ones that I forget the names of with studios today?

i remember Animated Ape once mentioning that Toon Boom wasnt popular at all in LA animation circles (i might be wrong on this)

I have a studio here in Bombay and we have worked with paper and Flash, we considered using Toon Boom for about 3 days, it is a lot more intuitive but Flash is very versatile and just saves me a lot of time and there is a much larger user base which can help with problems as well as develop individual plug ins etc.

Regardless i think you would still have to vectorize if you used toon boom.

The industry has moved away from paper to a certain extent but its a mix of things. There simply hasnt been a way of getting rid of paper alltogether. Other softwares such as US Animation are extremely poweful and time saving but at the same time prohibitively expensive.

you could also invest in a cintiq maybe.

Painter or Animator

The two main programs in the industry right now are from Toon Boom and DigiCel.

The animators on The Wild Thornberry's Movie, Rug Rats Go Wild, Looney Tunes:Back in Action, The Teacher's Pet and Curious George all used DigiCel FlipBook.

The painters, often in off-shore production houses, generally use US Animation or some other Toon Boom paint program.

So the question is - "Do you want to be a painter or an animator"?

The newest software is a mix of "traditional" 2D animation software and flash and is called harmony. You draw with your cintiq tablet like 2D but it's all vectorized. I think it's the "new" Opus version, and it's also a Toonboom software.

I used Flipbook!!!


I just finished a project using FLIPBOOK by Digicel Inc.

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo easy to use it's almost ridiculous!

I hear that Kent Braun and friends from FLIPBOOK are cooking up a way to export onto to Flash. I love it!!!


Hola fellow Monkey. I worked on seasons one, two and part of seasons three and four of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," and I'm now on "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi," and we animate entirely with Flash for those shows. As for the other shows, they are digitally inked and painted, but animated traditionally with paper and pencil. I don't know what ink and paint program those studios use since they are over seas in Korea, or the Philipeans or the like.

Wow Lizard, you have a good memory. I think I made that toonboom comment over a year ago. But yeah, it's true. I haven't met anyone that animates with Toonboom. Thats not to say that people don't, I just haven't met em yet. :)

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