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American Animated TV series specs

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American Animated TV series specs

I'm not going to give a hypothetical situation here, but let's say I was.

Heh, heh... I like that.

Anyway, for my non-hypothetical situation, let's talk about "Fly Guy" for a moment.

As many of you know, Christoph (Jabberwocky) and I have been working on a relationship-based, teen superhero story. We have worked since August on a pitch to Frederator for a seven minute short. In a nutshell, the story is just too complicated, and it's too "old" for their 7-11 yr. old audience. We pitched, made revisions, and repitched. We've got time to revise once more, but the square peg just ain't gonna fit into the round hole.

It's all good.

I've also finished a 103-page "movie" version of the story. I'm taking the advice of Larry Huber from Frederator and hanging onto that, because I'm much more likely to get someone to sit down and listen to a series pitch than I am a movie pitch.

So, I'm looking at the key points of my story - you know, the things that HAVE to happen. I'm trying to balance those things with the normal flow of a cartoon, when I realized that I'm only making assumptions about what's required for a series.

Animes are easy. 1:00 Intro Credits, 10:00 first act, 10:00 second act, 1:00 End credits. Total: 22 minutes.

But what are the specs for American TV broadcast animated series? Three, seven minute acts with 1 minute ins and outs for a total of 23 minutes?

Any guidelines that you can share would be apprecited, but please... no "opinions" or "guesses." Facts, known variations, or past history only.

Thanks :)