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Animation Indian 2006 - Visitor Report

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Animation Indian 2006 - Visitor Report

Guys, i was in Hyderabad visiting the Nasscom arranged Animation India 2006 seminar. They had a variety of topics and speakers some eminent ones being
Terry Thoren Ceo of Vibrant Animtion ex Klasky-Csupo
Sylvia Schmoller - Mtv Asia
Cindy Armstrong - Pres, Sony Online
Paul Heutz - Gamesloft
Chris Bateman - international hobo
Theresa Plummers Andrews - MD Plumtrees

There were also the heads of the biggest indian studios who spoke about quality problems, operational issues, availability of manpower and moving up the value chain vis a vis the outsourcing model.

There were smaller studio heads as well some of whom presented their work and talked about their challenges which were very different from the bigger studios. Talking more about funding, revenues, pipeline and how they can cut costs and reduce developmental time.

Lots of focus on gaming, something i am not personally interested in but major players were represented, India Games, Dhruva, Mobile to Win, Contest to Win etc.

Very good, met a few people, good networking opportunities, will be personally discussing the possibility of a production as well as a co-production deal both however are for the Indian market, which at present isnt a great ROI.

if anyone has specific questions about the goings on ill try and answer them.

Animation India 2006 Event

Hi Mate,
Thanks for your posting. The Nasscom's "Animation India 2006" was indeed a good event. Terry and Theresa did share valuable information.

Few points I would like to highlight.

1) Except Mr. Jayakumar of Toonz India, nobody talked about the domestic potential of India for animation contents.
2) There was no much discussion on creating proprietary animation contents by Indian studios.
3) It seemed that global broadcasters and producers are not very much interested in co-production with Indian production Houses.
No big production brand from Bollywood did participate (as speaker or delegate) in the event. Does it show cold response of Bollywood in Animation Feature Film Production.
4) People did talked about "Hanuman" but nobody talked about "Bhagmati". Also, no one from ZICA-Padmalaya was found to be present.

Overall, the event was good for networking and to know the depth of the water.

Sagar D. Deshpande
Jingle Toons Animation (India)

Kind Regards,
Sagar D. Deshpande
Business Development Team
Jingle Toons Animation (India)
Ph: +91-240-2244191

actually on that note what i found missing was someone from Dessin Works since they have licensed content to two channels abroad so their input would have been invaluable.

as for Bhagmati, im not sure the people from Zica would want to talk about that :p