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Technical aspects of a cartoon question please.

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Technical aspects of a cartoon question please.

Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum.

I'd like to have a few specifications for those who know.

I'd like to know how a cartoon must be 'presented' from an official, technical and leagal point of view. I'm talking about a normal 1/2 Hour episode.

I mean, is there a international standard lenght for an episode, like for example 23Min52 sec, opening credits must not exceed ?? seconds.

Must the show come with a some datas at the beginning of each episode? All the leagal registrations, numbers, copyrights, episode number...

The 'ME version' (Music and effect) for potential foreign dubs, how is it presented? On DVDs, special tapes, do they come wiht fully written scripts? Subtitled? What's the standard format used in the industry for the DVDs (AVI, MPEG, MOV. others...)? the the differents tracks? What software is used mostly? If any...

You see my list could go on and I'll stop here, I suppose you got the point.

Any of you (producers, directors, distributors) is familiar with all the those technical aspects and those I have not listed?

Thanks to any reply.