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Has anyone ever heard of Westwood College or its animation program??

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Has anyone ever heard of Westwood College or its animation program??

Do any of you know anything about this college. im thinking of going back to school for a computer animation degree. self teaching is only taking me so far. any information on that school or any other school would be nice. im trying to go online. thanks

From what I see on their website they look no different than any other college that feeds on students looking for a quick fix. They have no type of art school accreditaton plus they don't show any student work (a real big red flag).

If this is something you really want to do for the rest of your life invest the time and money. If you want to go on-line Animation Mentor seems to be the way to go.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

go full time if you possible can

Vaj -

If you possibly can, go to school full time. You learn from your classes, but you also learn a lot from other students. I even recommend that our full time students who have computers at home, work in the lab with the other students. Not only do you learn from being in that environment, but you also build relationships which will support you through your professional life.

If you are supporting a faimily and have to have a full time job and don't live near a college that offers the subject, then online education may be your only choice. But otherwise, go full time in person.

- Marla

hey thanks guys. yea i've got second thoughts about that place now. i thought they said tuition was 17000 for 3 years but it's 70000. i'll check that animation mentor out. thanks again.