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Is joecartoons some kind of "paria" in flash world?

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Is joecartoons some kind of "paria" in flash world?

hey.. here is the thing, I can`t undestand why joecartoon is out of the flash "atmosphere". I`ve been reading forums for a wile now, flash forums of course. And i haven`t foun one single line about joecartoons work.

Why do flash community don`t talk about him? i really don`t know.
I think he`s work it`s pretty original. MAybe, somethimes a little redundant with the gore and everything... but still.

Regardzzz from argentina

PD: sorry for the bad english.

Joe's been around a long time, and has done pretty well for himself. That said, the work that he does isn't particularly innovative, especially with respect to his use of the features of Flash. I imagine the hard-core Flash community thinks of him as an animator first and a Flash user second.

who? :confused:

no please?


its what people in the internet world would call "old"

frog in a blender....classic....but OLLLLDDDD

it was like one of the first internet phenomenon kinda 15 minute of fame things...that i can remember at least.

you know....badger badger badger, star wars kid, peanut butter jelly, BOOM HEADSHOT guy, etc....

thats my answer.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

This is Joe's protegee


But, he is doing new thing all the time... Frog in the blender. of couse... OLD!... but hr has now "The greensfields"... and other stuff..
I don`t know. In flash i like more other stuff... but i think he is a very talented guy. He keep`s it simple, and that`s hard.

But, he is doing new thing all the time...

New, yes; but innovative, no. The Flash community is all about innovation, and since your question was about why he's not acknowledged by the community - well, there's your answer.

yep,its all about raising the bar with flash.

Adam Phillips currently owns that title.


Yeah? It`s about that?
It`s news to me.

I prefer allways, a good artist with a style than an experimental "flasher". In the end it`s about short films, cartoons. If we center ourselves in the tech part of it, we forget about why flash is so great. Because it give`s everybody the opportunity of doing short films, games, etc... but in the end is about seeng those things and enjoying the art...

I honestly hate his stuff.Its really disgusting and pointless.I have to give him credit though.... hes been doing fbf flash's since 2000.I think hes like the first guy that iv heard of to do that.