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Media Design School-best in asia,asia-pacific..?

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Media Design School-best in asia,asia-pacific..?

Hey guys, I am a Digital Artist from India, planning to join Media Design School in nz for 3d animation in march ’06. How you rate it among top animation schools worldwide..Is this the best in Asia and asia-pacific(Singapore,aus,nz,india,etc.).?
as i can't afford US,canadian schools,will MDS be my best shot to get my money's worth for an int.quality eductn, tht'll pay me off in long-term for a serious/stable career in core of 3D graphics..?

expecting ur valuable comments soon..

The cool thing about is that you learn character animation from pro animators from top animation studios and you don't have to move anywhere to attend. The program starts with the basics, so you don't need to have any previous knowledge, just a drive to want to become an animator. It's recommended to get a webcam if you want to interact live with your mentor each week. So far, my animation mentors have been from Sony Pictures Imageworks, Disney and Pixar.

It's really worth checking out IMHO, if you're serious about becoming a professional animator.

- Tom ;)

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