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Short film we did for a cinematic release

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Short film we did for a cinematic release

well we did this short film called Water back in July. Its the first one of three in the Earth series. Link
It has been traditionally animated about 2.3 mins long (4.8 Mb with sound)
It has been compressed to be viewable so please view it on the 100% option in Windows Media Player. Any higher and it will noticeably pixellate and look washed out.
Would love to hear your thoughts positive or negaitve.

oh come on. someone say something already.

nice work!

Hey skinnylizard! Your animation looks very nice. Fabulous watercolour technique. You guys definitely paid much effort on the style. The message rocks! I like the part where the world losses its entire water - sort of drastic :D . I rather think, I’ve already seen some screenshots of your short somewhere in the net.

Keep it up!

i can't download it,can u upload it to

Pretty speccy. I can only play it for a minute 16 before it stops... dunno whats going on with my computer there...
Is it just me, or is the character whistling a tune from Disney's Robin Hood?

hey i didnt even notice this till today...or at least pay attention to it. haha.

didnt you show a test run of that brushing teeth scene? and was that an AOL sign in door opening sound effect? haha.

i liked the ending.....the earth at the end looked a bit weird. kinda not like how the earth would look. but overall it was neat.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

i have uploaded it again at save file here

if you guys still have trouble ill be glad to forward an email.
i didnt think i would be able to compress the file down enough coz its like 400MB but Premiere rocks.

if there is any kind of lag its a compression issue.

Blink - do you mean the last image of the earth after its dry?

i had uploaded screenshots back when we were still working on it, so thats possibly where some of you might have seen it.

there is a sequel as well, based on pollution. much shorter. a min and a few seconds. be glad to upload that when i get a chance.

thanx for the kind words :)

that was nice man!
i think the animation was kinda slow paced though,but all can be easily improved :D

Blink - do you mean the last image of the earth after its dry?

yah, that image, but even when it isnt dry it just looked funny to me. Wasnt the classic kind of earth image you usually see, thats all.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

well it had to look a bit more bluesy and since it was hand painted :o

the last image is basically of the Earth once the water is gone and it becomes a big dust bowl. which is why we selected the brown tones.

Hand painted? Nice. It adds a nice human touch.