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Finding Work In London

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Finding Work In London

I graduated this year with a degree in Animation here in London and after a short relaxation time I've decided that I need to get myself a job. But I've been having real trouble getting a look in anywhere.
I have sent my reel to a few companies, but it just seems pointless. Its like a lottery, if you happen to send in a reel which has something that they are looking for at that particular time, then they MIGHT call you. But usually I am only told that they will 'keep my reel on file' or 'on the shelf'.
Admittedly I haven't been looking for that long, I'm thinking about maybe doing a masters so I am slightly torn. But ideally I would still like to get some more experience up until then.
I was just wondering if anyone if having the same problems? Or if you have been successful, how did you go about it?