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Ontaious Gallery

Couldn't find my old thread, guess it was removed.

I've gotten the opportunity to draw a short story for a monthly trade paper back that showcases several artist. I've decided on a buddy story of a Cowboy and Indian in the wild west.

I've using Nick Bradshaw as influence on this which if you know his work you may see it.

These pictures here are of the Cowboy Russ Bradock:

For a possible Freelance Job

Just finished these up to send in to hopefully get a freelance gig doing up character concepts. They wanted stuff that fit an Anime/Teen Titan feel so I tried to capture that as much as possible. These are just a few samples.

Its no Danimation stuff but I'm happy with it.

New stuff

Some things I did:

Ontaious' First Gallery :)

Found your first :) Nice stuff back then, too.

Ontaious' First Gallery

very cool western drawings. i like the character design. all the drawings have a very solid well constructed look to them. one thing i would suggest is on the pose at the bottom where hes flying backwards, you might want to raise one leg a little higher than the other. i think it would make the drawing a little more interesting, and would put more movement into the pose. anyways, just a thought.. keep up the awesome work!


I see where you are coming from. Right now he looks like he is standing on his tip toes and leaning way back. Lifting the other leg would probably help show he is flying back off his feet.

Thanks for the input.

Nice work. I like the foreshortening in that one image - one of many things I need to work on to get that extra depth. Look forward to seeing more.

Got to love them cowboys

Great stuff, I like the movement in the figures. I'm a closet Cowboy hahaha I actually do Cowboy reinactments as a hobbie. "They call me, Cleatus Mayfield". I'd love to see more.


Gotta love these! Great work!