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And the oscar goes to....

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And the oscar goes to....

And the Oscar for best animated feature goes to....?Anyone...?Anyone...?

Peter Chung!!

Wallace and Gromit, hands down.

Without seeing Hoodwinked, I'd have to say Wallace & Gromit.
Not a great movie, but probably the best animated one this year.

The eligible films are: Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE and VALIANT. DreamWorks' WALLACE & GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and MADAGASCAR. Fox’s ROBOTS, Warner Bros.' CORPSE BRIDE. Triumph Films' STEAMBOY, Pentamedia and the Weinstein Co.'s GULLIVER’S TRAVELS and HOODWINKED!

Aardman and Wallace & Gromit are the academy favorites, but I think Chicken Little could take it. I haven't seen Howl's, Steamboy or Valiant as well as the last two that haven't been released yet, but I'm going to stick with the Aardman-Disney showdown.

the Ape

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Oh my. I only saw HOWL'S, W&G and CORPSE BRIDE. They all have their merits. HOWL'S is visually rich, yet a far cry from the book, W&G has a solid script and was well realised, CORPSE BRIDE features luxurious animation but suffers from a bit of a thin plot. I suppose I have to say W&G as well, although Chicken Little and Madagascar may be the most likely duelists in terms of publicity and public interest generated.

I've seen Wallace and gromit and Howl's moving castle, Madagascar and Robots.

Wallace and gromit was well animated, but less memorable then their shorts as it was mainly parody.

I loved Howl's moving castle, I haven't read the book, but enjoyed the movie.

Robots had some good points, but also some bad points -and Madagascar was quite good, but not sure about being the best.

And the Oscar for best animated feature goes to....?Anyone...?Anyone...?


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Diemeras Dark Angel

Corpse Bride and W&G were the only eligible films that I saw this year, having seen Corpse Briide only last night.

I'm a huge W&G fan, and while I liked the movie, it seemed kinda derivative of their other works. The plane sequence, for instance, from "Close Shave."

On the other hand, I really enjoyed CB. I agreee it was not a flawless film. Dialog (singing) couldn't be understood during the musical numbers. The ending seemed like they really didn't have one in mind, so they did something cool and called it the end. And the plot was pretty thin and by-the-numbers. However, I have to say that they did a fine job of playing your emotions. I never really cared for Victor, but I did empathise with him for being stuck between two girls he hardly knew, could have loved either one, couldn't HAVE either one, and was never in control of the situation. It would have been nice if he'd had some balls.

Personally, I'm gonna wait and see who the actual nominees are before speculating on which film might win...