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Flash mac and pc transferring-ness

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Flash mac and pc transferring-ness

yo,sorry if i posted this in the wrong place

Say i was working in flash on pc*which i am*,and i save my fla. file to a memory stick or card...

Now ,if i was to try and now open that fla. onto a mac version of flash,on a mac (obviously),would it still open? i don't see why not...

but my lecturer begs to differ,but i think he is talking out his ass cos he's just a painter who knows shit all about comps. :p

....but anyway does anyone know or tried this? cos if he's right i probably just wasted money on a memory stick.

It shouldn't make a difference. I work between Mac's and PC's quite often, and I have never had a problem opening a Flash file between the two platforms.

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If a program exists on other platforms, then you can open its project documents on other platforms. What you can't do is save a self-playing Flash projector or executable that works on multiple platforms. This might be what your lecturer meant.

no ,i doubt thats what he meant ,he barely knows what a jpeg is let alone an exe. :D .... fine artists :rolleyes: :p

but thanks,hopefully it should work. I have a choice this year for what i wanna do for my final,and i picked animation,but the only comp they have flash on is a mac,so this is quite important.

thanks for the info. if all goes wrong i'll be back...

Hey NOOB, don't worry, I do this transferring on almost a daily basis and it works fine. We work with flash on macs here at the office, but I let my employees take work home on their memory sticks which they do on their PC's. It works without any problem. Your lecturer is a pompous fool!

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haha yeh,tried today, worked with no problems at all,stupid lecturer just made excuses though :D foolish man!