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Animation Co-production China

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Animation Co-production China

Visionary Entertainment (New York. China) Profile

Having access to vast production resources of China, V.E. offers animation budgeting and production services to clients who are interested in conducting production activities in China. These work usually involve labor intensive animation and rendering, and ranges from short animated films to pure animated 2D and 3D television series, from DVD originals to comic book adaptations, and from award winning commercials to one year long haul of complicated animation part of world-renowned video games. V.E. covers budgeting and production services with a keen focus on 3D CG animations.

In observance of recent supportive governmental initiatives, V.E. will expand co-productions with overseas studios with the resulting possible placement of coproductions on China's top network TV in the effort of tapping into the world's largest conusmer market.

V.E. would be glad to discuss collaboration opportunities with interested animation production companies, program developers, broadcasting and cable networks, distributors, etc. worldwide to bring the best Chinese animation to world cinema and screen at a very competitive cost.

Either planning co-production with China, or simply outsourcing your project to leading Chinese animation studios, clients are welcome to contact V.E. regarding your special needs. V.E. will be able to deliver a cost evaluation and production schedule layout to you, after carefully reviewing your production needs.

V.E. sincerely appreciates your business with us!

Please forward all inquiries to:

Chris Maxon
Visionary Entertainment
New York. Beijing