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Selling animation

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Selling animation

I have a few questions

1. we create some animation shorts.(4-6 min etc). is there anyway to get money from them?sell them? or people( tv channels etc) generally buy in series (episodes).

2. we are also planning to produce 3d animation episodes for children.
can anyone tell me what is the minimum favourable duration of one episode ? we are planning to go for 5-6 mins episodes,how many minimum episodes should be there. few are enough or do we have to go for 10-15 episodes.

3. who should we contact when selling? i mean i want to get clear on the terms like distributors, broadcasters, publishers, or directly to tv channels etc.

4. the minimum rate we should ask when selling.

i really like some details on the 'selling' part of the animation as we are a group of fine artist entering in the field of animation. so can anyone suggest me some link to help me learn the execution or the marketing part of the animation.

Thanks a lot