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Animating old japanese man

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Animating old japanese man

I am attempting to animate an old japanese man and I am trying to find some good references. It has to be stereotypical sensei japanese man stuff. Anyone know of anything like this? Hopefully on the net?

The free stuff is going to be hard to find and not really worth it, but you never know. You might have better luck at the library, try the college library. You should also spend some time at your local book store, you never know...

really I just need to understand the way the mouth moves. Does it stay contracted or expand more? stuff like that? Anyone know any good movies?

There is some good anima on Saturday night on the Cartoon Network. But the mouth movement are going to be shaped to the sounds so you need to know the language. If you are doing it in english then you are going to have less of a problem. It, the lip sync, all depends on the sound track.

Im not neccessarily doing japanese animation. Im going for what the american stereotype for what old japanese men are.

Go and rent the first Conan movie, Conan the Barbarian? There is an old Japanesse wizard in there. Or try Pear Harbor with Ben Afleck. There are some of the old Japanesse actors playing the admerals in that movie. It might even be the same actor as the one in Conan. Good luck.

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How about watching the old Karate kid movies and paying attention to Mr. Miyagi. He didn't show much emotion but he had a twinkle in his eye.

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It seems like you should be on a Japanese cinema forum rather than an animation forum. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Yeah, Pat Morita would be good. That also made me thing of the sensi from Kill Bill vol.2 Pretty stereotypical with the supper long white hair and goat tee.

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...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Why not just animate a old man period?

I cannot think of why a specific ethnicity would move any different from another.....

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While ethnicity as such doesn't make a difference, cultural backgrounds can. A drastic example is the Chinese custom of having young girls' feet broken and bound to force the feet to remain small. This kind of traditional maiming was officially abandoned during the early 20th century, however.
The consequence of this procedure was that women were forced to walk taking only tiny steps, a way of moving that once greatly appealed to Chinese men. In fact, a Chinese woman with ordinary-sized feet at a time ran the risk of being deemed unfit for marriage.

ethnicity only plays a part in animating if he was wearing some kind of traditional garb or footware. And the question of age is: old health-failing or old-healthy?

looking at a Japanese or Japanese-American actor won't help unless they are playing a role similar to what you are looking for.