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A great animation loss - Joe Ranft dies in car accident

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A great animation loss - Joe Ranft dies in car accident

Joe Ranft, Pixar storyboard artist and mastermind of many a great story, died on the 17th of August 2005 in a car accident. This is a great loss to not only to his family and friends, but the animation industry as a whole.

To read more and others comments, here's Ronnie Del Carmen's blog who works at Pixar:

Edit: Really sorry guys, I got the wrong month, I've only just heard about this. Sorry to bring it back up again.

That's sad to hear. Didn't two other animators from Pixar die in a car accident earlier this year?

It was a terrible loss but dude, please check your facts. You scared the crap out of me with the Nov 17th date. I thought it was another accident. Saddly Mr.Ranft passed away back in august of this year. A loss we shall all feel for many years to come.

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Not to mention that there's already a thread about it from back when it happened.

Really? That's strange. Sorry about that guys, I jsutread the 17th and assumed it was the current month.

Well for anyone who doesn't know they will now.

Sorry about that.

He was also the voice of the penguin in Toy Story 2 and a bunch of others.

... sorry about the upside-down car juxtaposition. It was not intentional. :rolleyes: