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Richard Williams' A Christmas Carol

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Richard Williams' A Christmas Carol

I am driving myself insane looking for a copy of this. The closest I've come to it was a post by someone who said they'd found it in one of those generic "good times home video" compilations, but I can't fing it anywhere. If anyone has this (released in 1971, produced by Chuck Jones, Directed by Richard Williams, approx. 30min.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. It won an Oscar for pete's sake! Why is it so hard to find?!? :mad:

Also, any other Richard Williams animation would be appreciated just to know about, including commercials or shorts he may have worked on for UPA.

I have the Thief and Cobbler work print, widescreen Japanese DVD release, Charge of the Light Brigade, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Pink Panther stuff.