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Acting animation 3D

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Acting animation 3D

Hi fellas

I've been workin on traditional, and I´m learning 3D maya. Here are two animations of mine. There are no effects, shading, etc. Just acting.
I'd appreciate any comment. Thanks.


Generi [url=]

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Hi Alan,

What kind of file types are those? It doesn't seem to want to play on my computer.

the Ape

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Hi Ape

Thanks for trying download. These files are compacted in RAR format. You must unzip them, using winrar or something. Do you think it´d be better if I put the files unziped? The problem is the size of the file will be bigger.

yah i noticed it was .rar and tried to download them but for some reason it downloaded as a .rar.txt which was...really...weird. So all in all, couldnt get to see it.

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Maya must have at least one streaming feature. Check over your save window and save your work to something different.

:D Sorry... I updated the files, now in AVI format. Please try again...



wow they are just so good, the animation has they brilliantly realsitic subtle charm to them, its almost as if they are living characters. The movement is just so realistic, well done.

THAT are 3D animations I really like. You notice immediately that you come from 2D!!! GREAT!

Neither format will run on my comp :(
Is there any way you could upload them as Quicktime files?
James :cool:

OK James, here you go:



I really like them =D

as for a little C&c:

What's good: I like how you do facial animation, the eyes really give off that emotion that you are trying to portray from the characters. Good anticipation as well.

What could use work: 2 things really. In the Generi animation the smoke seems to be a little too thick and ruins the staging, making it difficult to read the characters actions. In the LowMan animation the piece of business when the character says "steals stuff" where the character pantomimes grabbing something is a little awkward. I think it's either the way his hand is positioned, or how the eyes looks at the hand as it sways into the motion. It looks like the glance and the action are happening at the exact same time, It could use a little overlap. The motion could also use a little more snap to make it more effective.

Anyway... it's looking good. Keep it up.

Lindsey Keess