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Choosing an animation college

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Choosing an animation college

Does it matter which college I choose to learn animation? I have read that sometimes a college's reputation influences the success of one's resume.

Also, which is better: a university or a more career-oriented college? I want to have choices when I graduate: traditional animation, special effects, game design, web page design. I am currently looking at Westwood College of Technology in Denver, Colorado. Is this a good college?

I don't know. The way I look at it is maybe the school got good reputation because they got good teachers there, they teach the right stuffs, and maybe the labs are good. Which then produces skilled students who get the jobs. But maybe big colleges like CalArts might have good connection with some companies, so yeah it's possible that they help your resume, although the most important thing is still how good your demo reel is, i guess..

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You want the honest answer??

The school you go to means nothing.

Its the work in your portfolio that means everything.

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I'd have to disagree just a bit . . . it's true that your school won't affect the success of your résumé, but the connections you make at your school might get someone to LOOK at your résumé. Many of the big companies now (DreamWorks, ILM, Pixar, Disney, Sony, etc.) have relationships with various schools, so it gives the students there a better chance of getting their work seen, as well as receiving good feedback from current industry professionals.

But in the end, Ken's right: it's the work in your portfolio that means everything.