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Reasonably Priced Shark Working With Animators

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Reasonably Priced Shark Working With Animators

I've seen a number of folks on the boards refer to various annoyances they've had in the submission process to various cable nets (Disney, Cartoon Network, Nick Networks, etc). This post addresses that problem.

My name is Andy Herz. I'm based in Brooklyn and I'm both a would-be animation writer/producer and an entertainment attorney. As a Gemini, this is easy. Creative projects are posted at Less interesting lawyer site is at

I'm always interested in talking to folks about their projects, and I can help you submit and pitch under cover from someone who has that foolishly important "Esq." at the end of their name. If you want, I can also offer some editing help in honing your pitch materials so you have the best possible shot. (Some of my clients do; some do not).

My rates are pretty affordable - as far as sharks go - and I always try
to cut a very good deal for up and coming creative folks, as I'm looking to build long-term relationships, not take all your money upfront while you're trying to make your first big splash.

I operate solo; handle just 20-30 clients at a time, so it's not one of those call today; hear back in two weeks with a big bill in the meantime kind of things.

And since I am developing my own animated projects, I'm often willing
to discuss barter of legal services in exchange for creative services,
particularly animated trailers, storyboarding or visual frames.

Feel free to email me privately or call at 718-856-3031.

You will now be returned to your regular programming.

Andy Herz

what's your track record in getting projects optioned?


The insincere politico-speak response would have to start with: "I'm so glad you asked me that question..."

Here's the bottom line: no track record yet. Working with a few animator friends and clients and looking to do two things (beyond honing pitch packages) in terms of submissions:

1) Standard: send under the foolishly important "Esq" cover to friends and friends of friends at Frederator, CN, Nick, Noggin, Nick Jr., Disney, and then help (if desired) with the cajoling/pitch process


2) Animation Funds

Put together one or more "pools" of 4 or 5 great projects (either from one studio or a couple studios willing to sit in the lifeboat together) and then raise some decent money against those projects, e.g. to cover development and marketing costs and be able to pitch with a full pilot.

That's the story, in a nutshell.

I'm always glad to email, IM (MSN Messenger) or talk on the phone with anyone who wants to explore the possibilities.