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Interviews With Kermit, Mickey, Sponge Bob?

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Interviews With Kermit, Mickey, Sponge Bob?

Hey Gang,

I'm always looking for sites that have interviews with folks like Jim Henson, Walt Disney (has anyone seen one?), creators of popular animated shows, and so see how they got started, what inspired them, etc etc.
There is only ONE interview with Jim Henson on line, it is featured on a ton of sites. Does anyone have suggestions for sites with great interviews that I can print out and read before I catch my zzz's @ night?

Thanks all - Happy Trick or Treatin' :eek:

Well it's not Disney or Henson but they have interviews with animators and the like at The Animation Podcast

the Ape

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If you're interested in interviews with animators (which you don't seem to be), you can check out

You can also just do a Google search for whichever puppeteer (Henson), producer (Disney), or creator (Hillenburg) you're interested in:
e.g., "stephen hillenburg interview."

that's perfect. thx.