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Coconut Fred

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Coconut Fred

Yo! has anyone seen this series by WB?what do you guys think?
its being produced at a studio 5 mins from mine. One of the animators (worked on 2 episodes) came to the studio last week and it was a good conversation he is switching jobs and might be doing some production design for us begining sometime next week i hope.until he begins working on another WB project.

Haven't seen it, but I hear it's a blatant rip of Spongebob. True?

yah, thats what i heard too. half of me wants to see it while the other half knows its on WB and pretty much everything on there is not worth watching.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

i havent seen it so i cant say much. the guy comes in for an overview tomorrow morning so ill see what kind of input he can give us.
seems like a smart chap. he said they get the storyboard and have to do a lot more work with Fred then they had to with Buzz on Maggie where they had proper animatics and even the turns and movememnts were written down with how many frames were required etc.
one weird thing i did notice though is that they prefer to upload their content (the entire FLA) considering the bulk it takes upto 48 hours sometimes to get all the content over. i mean they could just rip DVDs and have it shipped priority or something. jesus.

while it is kind of a Spongebob knock-off. It has it's own merit. Fred isn't quite as smart as Spongebob, and actually WAAAAY more excitable.

I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like it, but I've had a few chuckles at it. Also the fact that anything that pops into Fred's wild imagination comes to life, is interesting.

It's certainly better than somethings that've occupied network airwaves on saturdays in recent times. makes me miss Mucha Lucha though, i'm seriously jonsing for more wacky cartoons again.

Remember Eek the Cat and stuff......*sigh*


Cartoon Syndicate project

what do you think of the animation vis a vis the cost i mentioned.

Remember Eek the Cat and stuff......*sigh*

Hell yeah! Eek the Cat rocked! :D


Give me some Eek, Animaniacs, and Freakazoid and I'd be set.

Lets see, SpongeBob - Coconut Fred, High Helium like voice - High Hellium like voice, Best friend is a stupid starfish - best friends are stupid bananas, Bakini Bottom has a tropical beach theme - Fruit Salad Island has a tropical beach theme, Spongebob is the menance of the town - Fred is then meneace of the island, Spongebob is quite slow - Fred is quite slow,Pinapple House - They live in fruits and rocks and other weird objects, i could go on, but what i'm basically saying Coconut fred is basically a ripoff of the lovable yellow spongi. Even the character designs are similiar in a way - the use of collage elements. Anyways, i still enjoy watching Coconut Fred, you know when Spongebobs not on. It is a funny and exicited show, i'll give it that. quite frankly i think its the best show the WB has had in a long time, even tho its a Spongebob wanna-be.

What would scooby do?

uninspired rip off.... How Warner Bros. and Kids WB got behind this show is beyond me.... I would have rather seen Don Oriolo put another Felix series on than this....