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Walt Disney Goes To Michigan

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Walt Disney Goes To Michigan

Hello AWN Forumers,
In the late 1940's Walt Disney and one of his star animators traveled to Michigan . It is speculated that what Walt saw, several years later became the inspiration for portions of Disneyland. Recently, the biggest exibit ever assembled on the Formation of Disneyland opened at the site of Walts little known Michigan visit.

A short while ago, I set out on Walts' journey and ,just like Walt, I took along a 12 year veteran Disney animator to see what this intriguing story was all about. To save on space in this forum, I have written a full report on what we discovered at" Disneyland The Exibit". You will see it immediatly when you bring up the home page of At the end of this report, all animators everywhere should be interested to read the "World Premiere News" of an exciting new project which will certainly be getting into the news as the months pass. Remember, this is our first unveiling of this happening, and you heard it here first. As always, I hope I have not leaped too far across the line of self-promotion, and I will be keenly interested in watching your forum for all of your opinions and replies. Thanks to you, 2D lives!

Tom Hignite
Pres/The Miracle Companies Inc.