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Sound design career?

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Sound design career?

Ok well before I was applying for animation to u.k./cananda/u.s. I was also wondering how good is a career as sound designer?

Because a specialized sound design course is available in several good art colleges like Savannah college of art and design.
I have been working for prominent animation studios and independent short films as a sound designer(from India).
My experience in animation is pretty much subjective though I have workd on several flash shorts for web.
Is there great scope as a sound designer in the industry of animation as well as films there?
This is because it's intuitive for me to design sound, but wouldn't it be flexible to get into a customized program that divides knowledge of both animation and sound duing the studies itself?
I would like to know good colleges which help you customize the course according to your strengths? Or is it that once you get inside art school you're expected to find your extra way around yourselfand not change the basic course structure? Dont really know how it works there but here it is very constricted in nature.
Thank you very much!