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Orlando 2D Happening This Week

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Orlando 2D Happening This Week

Hello Again AWN "Forumers",
I just wanted to indulge you all to pass the word to anyone who may have an intrest in meeting us at this weeks end in Orlando to discuss a future in 2D feature work. I have posted a few more details if you look on this forums "Business of Animation" pages. Also, We have just unveiled a new surprise on our HignitesMiraclestudios website. We have just broken ground on a new multi-million dollar Miracle Corporate center(a few concept drawings or now on our site). This center will include our 2D state of the art new animation studio which will include a public tour to show how classic animation is accomplished. We are working hard to meet an August 06 opening schedule. As always, I do enjoy reading your various comments on animation and wish you all....

Tom Hignite
Pres/Miracle Companies Inc.

Go get 'em, Tom!

Tom, I wish you nothing but the best in your efforts. Building a facility of your own certainly demonstrates a commitment to your goal, and I applaud it.

Many in the animation business talk about creating work independently and "challenging the studio system". It's refreshing and inspiring to see someone actually doing it and not just paying it lip service. Good on ya!

An Update

Thanks DSB for your supportive comments. I have just returned from our trip to interview and talk with 2D animators and really have had a few unusual experiences to tell. We have a first report(with Disney studio photos) on the opening page now at hope you see some of the irony in the report. ALSO here is a bit of news that I wanted to pass along to you all first that is not on Saved Disney.

As you know, Disney's Chicken Little opens tommorrow. Good or Bad, this could be a significant film to the state of future animation. As a special "field trip" our (classic 2D ) studio which is comprised of many X-Disney folks , is going to an early showing of the feature. Everyone is being asked not to read media reviews or talk to each other during the movie or until we get back to our studio. Each artist must write a maximum of 3 sentences to explain their opinion of the movie. Then, in a round-table disscussion, we will read each reply and elaborate. Our opinions are certainly no more important or "trained" than many of yours, but we will post them on Saved Disney before the end of the workday tommorrow. If anyone else would like to submit their maximum 3 sentence "review" of the film either on this forum or Saved Disney forum, it might be interesting.

Thanks for caring about 2D , and best wishes to all.

Tom Hignite
Miracle Studios Inc.

Thanks for the link to the story, Tom. Very interesting reading. I still shake my head over the shuttering of this studio. The part you can't see from the tour is truly amazing, and the people that worked there are first-rate.

Hope you can coax a few up to Wisconsin witcha :D