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I'm a master now! - Thanks to all of you...

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I'm a master now! - Thanks to all of you...

Dear friends,

as some of you might remember, I've been doing a master's course on animation in the last two years. During this period, I learned a lot of things in this forum by browsing messages and participating on discussions with some of you.

I'd like to thank you all for keeping this community alive and so interesting. I'm sure lots of other people learnt a lot here too.

My final admission paper will be dedicated to all of you. Thanks!


So what's next? Grand Master!?! ;)



Congradulations and the best of luck to you.

Congratulations Daniel!! That's great news.

the Ape

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WAY TO GO DANIEL !! correct me if im wrong, But I did remember you being here at the forum way before it first crashed/hacked ? vbmenu_register("postmenu_24845", true);

And now ofr a little bit of Portuguese...
Boa Sorte Daniel, que todos os teus sonhos animados se realizem! (Translation so that the others don't feel left out; Good luck, Daniel, may all of your animated dreams come true!) :p

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Congrats, Dan, long time no read. It's great to be back with such good news, innit?

whoa.. cool. never thought animation also have a master degree for it. do they have the phd for it too? =p. congratz to you mr. poeira.

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yep, there is at least one phd.. I've got a friend doing one in the UK!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

seriously? man.. what do they study there? the impact of animation on the renaissance and elizabethan period?

"If life deals you a bad hand... cheat."

seriously? man.. what do they study there? the impact of animation on the renaissance and elizabethan period?

even if u where just being :rolleyes: :D ...i hope.

thats great, im considering doing a masters once i have a year off and try to get some work experience.

Of course theres more to do in a masters, theres always more to learn in animation. Im in my 3rd year of a degree and still have loooooooooads more to learn!


Reeeeeeally wanna change my username :(

Congratulations, Daniel. Now that you're officially a Master, what's next for ya?

Congrats Daniel

Congrats Daniel...well done...does that mean we receive 5 % of all your earnings over the next 50 years or so?



CHEERS!!! ...masta of disasta ;)

I believe it was someone on this board who mentioned that the drift towards an animation doctorate would come more in the form of something that at the same time was more grounded and more esoteric, like "Motion Studies."

Well done Daniel! You have the covetted hood, now maybe you should go for the stripes on the robe.

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Nice one Dan! Congratulations! I will be honoured to serve you coffee in years to come!

: )

I have a Masters too, and where I studied you could go on to do a Doctorate if you wanted. The people who taught me were all Doctor-people, but they were doctory in the more geeky side of computer animation. I would have no idea what you could put forward as a thesis if you actually wanted to do it as an animator.

(Hello everyone, by the way.)

Congrats man!

Thank you all! I'll try to answer all the questions on a single message!

I've been here for a while indeed :)

There are a few naimation master's courses around the globe. Mine for instance wasn't even a full-animation course. It was something called "Visual Arts - Production and Critics of Moving Images". So, basically you can study there and talk about animation, cell phone games, russian post-struturalistic film editing... whatever you feel like, as long as it has IMAGES on it, and they MOVE :)

My work was about the use of home computers on the development of professional animation. I wanted to prove that a single person, or a very small group of workers, can work with a low budget - or no budget at all, which was this work's reality - and create animation.

I also explored the boundaries of computer animation to cover all aspects and techniques, such as oil paintint, digital filmless animation, sand animation, and etc - all that updated to the XXI century technology. Like animating sand with a scanner for instance :)

Now what... I don't know, I'm broke and looking for a job. If anyone knows of anything, please tell me.. :rolleyes:

As for a PhD on animation, I never heard of such thing. But as soon as someone invent one, I'll be there to start all over again. Once the animation bug bites you, there's no cure for it... not even hunger!!!

Cheers to all,

Dan Poeira

Just posted this one to mark my message number 1.500!!!

I speak too much! :D