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I want to be a animator.

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I want to be a animator.

Hello all, I am new here so I'm excited to be in a animation forum. I'm 17 and I am going to graduate this year, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do to get a career in animation, mainly cartooning, like Simpsons, Justice League, anime, etc... I'm applying for a lot of art colleges, which I think that is the best way to go if you really want a good learning experience in art, Universities offer art classes but they whole school is not focused on it. Right now I am applying for the Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona. So basically I am wondering if I could get some pointers to help me out, any basics, tips, "need to knows", maybe you guys know some colleges that I should absolutly apply for, etc...

I really appreciate your help, all my life I've wanted to draw cartoons and now that my life is about to actually start (after HS life that is...) I really want to do it right.

Hi neighbor, well your question is a common one asked here at the forum. As I recall from past post, there is no sure way into the industry. Some of the people here when to college and studied the craft while others took different route. There are those who have been in the business for years and others who are looking for jobs.

Basic advice, that I can recall from past post, is college will give you as much as you put into it. Most schools due well, but I have no idea which ones they are. Getting a job is a matter of being ready when the opportunity is staring you in the face. I no this is not detail enough but stay tuned, over the next few months the subject will get kicked around a lot.

hey. Do you do much drawing or animating now?

I attend the Art Institute of Seattle. I love it. I can only assume the one down there is similar in terms of what classes you take.

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I had to put my two cents in because I attend the Art Institute in Atlanta.

Connections. Networking. Its all in who you know. These are the things I've learned as a life principle (being an actor as well, this is a big truth in entertainment). Get into Siggraph and any other group that focuses in animation and start getting to know the people there. Learning the names of the big dogs and getting to talk to them.

Being apart of this forum is already a great step in networking and building those connections.

As for schools. My experience at the Art Institute has been a good one. Though, I'd say its more because of my proffesors than the actual school. They really helped me understand the basic principles needed for animation and drawing in general. Sadly, SCAD opened a satellite campus here in Atlanta and two of the three teachers that were most influential in my learning left to teach there (they're alumni's from SCAD).

AI, in my opinion, will give you a good overveiw of both Traditional and CG animation. And since Traditional animation is the underlying force behind CG its a very good thing. As I understand it, the fellows over at PIXAR are Traditional Animators.

Well, I've probably gone a bit off topic. But I hope that helps!

Good on u Mate!!!

The guy who started this topic is The is type of Guy who shares my Vision of becoming an animator. someone who is enthusiastic about the world of animation and cartoons. i wish u good luck and hope u become successful.

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i have just started at the Kansas City Art Institute and after a talk with some of the animation instructors here i just learned about this site today and am very excited to learn more and more. i already know a decent amount but learning is a nonstop thing.

if you have the opportunity go to a college and talk to the people there that are involved in animation, they should be more than willing to answer any questions you might have. get to know them because these are people that can really help you along the way.

and don't forget that learning is nonstop

If you want to animate stuff like the Simpsons, Justice League and anime, then your best bet would be to learn Korean, because pretty much all limited animation like that is sent overseas.

So Korea is the country of choice now, back when I wanted to break in it was yeah no formulas for success, just keep your desire to create and open your own site and hope to be discovered, or accept that maybe you never will be and just enjoy the process.

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3. Promote. (anywhere, everywhere, everychance)
4. Start at #1

Plus, you're a few steps in the right direction because you know what you want to do. That in itself will save you a lot time.

If you want to animate stuff like the Simpsons, Justice League and anime, then your best bet would be to learn Korean, because pretty much all limited animation like that is sent overseas.

He could do freelance. I know that some people make a living off of that.
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I am just like you, wanting to become an animator, and wondering about what is required and the best way to get into the animation business.