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Cut Out Animation

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Cut Out Animation

Hi guys I am working on my third year animation film and my tutor said i should try experimenting with cut out animation, which is a bit risky as I have never done it before and I dont want to make a bad film, so could anyone point me in the right direction as to where i can find some examples, animators work etc.

well like any other form of animation i would think you would want to do a few test's before you make your film.Try to just make a few simple animations using cut-out and then get more and more complex when you can do a farily complex test then make your film.Do you know how to make a cut out animation?

The first episode of south park was made with cut out animation.I think there were two short films of south park before the series and they were also cut-out.Charlie and lola is digital cutout as is agela anaconda.

hope that helped.

My former professor Deanna Morse does great work with cut-outs. I would call her an expert on it. You can order her dvd from this web site
If you email Deanna she might be able to give some advice to you. She's very active in the animation community and I'm sure she wouldn't mind at least sending you in the right direction on research. Also.... I think Karen Aqua has used cut outs, too. You can find examples of some of her work on the web.