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Help Needed

Hello everybody,

I need help from the 2D and 3D animation community.
I leave in country which can not be considered very stable in political and economical sense.
For some time I have been working as animator 2D first (traditional) and 3D(LightWave) later for a various studio inside and outside my country. Unfortunately for the reasons mentioned above the studio for which I worked stopped it’s existence. I can’t say that demand for animators is very strong in my country. So I decide to search the job outside my country . Other complicating factor is the fact that I am unable to leave the country.
Could you please help me to answer or tell where to find answers to following questions:

1. Is it possible to get 2D or 3D job/order by the internet and later submit the work done by the same way. i.e. is it possible to work for the studios outside the country without leaving country itself (provided high quality of communication/connection) and whether this is usual practice in an industry?
2. Could you provide media(www or other) where I can find job offers of this type?
3. What are quality of work standards to get the job and in what form should I send my past works?
4. Could you provide other web addresses etc. where I can obtain comprehensive information about industry and it’s written and unwritten rules?

Your answers will be of great help to me.

Thank you in advance