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Who would choose do your musical score?

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Who would choose do your musical score?

Out of any artisit ever in the world, any composer, musician who would you want to help you on the music side of your animations. I've always wanted to have the legendary Peter Gabriel do music in my films. His original sound would give the animation that boost it needs. Then again i wouldnt mind the legendary John Williams. What about you lot?

It would depend on the project, but Danny Elfman would be at the top of the list. If it was something dark, I'd love to see what Trent Reznor could come up with. Aphex Twin would be great for some sort of high tech anime adventure toon.

For animation, living or dead, I'd pick Carl Stalling. I love John Williams, but you can't beat Stalling in cartoons.

If I were doing a musical, I'd want Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman.

Carl Stalling
Danny Elfman
Mark Mothersbaugh
The Bobs

Thomas Newman
Danny Elfman
Rachel Portman
James Horner

or Mark Camphouse or Eric Whitacre who write music for symphonic band.

Tom Waits (for obvious reasons)

Bernard Hermann (scored most of Hitchcock's pictures. May be difficult to get in touch with, now, unless you have a Ouija board :( )

Ry Cooder (again, for obvious reasons)

--Anybody can do lush and orchestral and pretty. These guys can do lush, orchestral and pretty. They can also do something else, sets the teeth on edge, makes the brain squirm, puts a thorn in the heart. Animation's visual, sure, but with a good story and a good score, you, sometimes, don't need dialog.

(my $0.02)

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Actually, I've thought about this question before...and I think I'd like to use talent that was less well-known, to bring something new to the table. Elfman and Williams are great, but at a certain point all of thier music sounds the same. It becomes more about "this sounds like so-and-so's work!" rather than about something that enriches the film on its own merits. And thats fine, and as I said before I think Elfman and Williams are great, but there are so many other great sounds out there that nobody knows about...

...I want to someday do an animation with music by Andrew Bird. His music is so moody, yet suffused with bittersweet joy. Its alive and organic, and conjures up such beautiful images- boy I sound pretentious- but I swear if you hear some of his gypsy-toned violin you'll know I'm not just blowing hot air. :-)

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If I had to choose someone other than myself then:

Danny Elfman
Thomas Newman
Claudio Simonetti
Ornette Coleman

Hoyt Curtin--but he's dead now.
My alternates would be Mike Post and Pete Carpenter--always loved their theme tunes.
I'm partial to Maurice Jarre as well.

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I think if I had all the money in the world, I'd let Elton John have a go at putting something together for my work. He's versatile, and he hasn't done a lot lately, so I think he's ripe for new inspiration.

Maybe Cat Steven's like his stuff too. Doesn't have to be anything symphonic, hell there's always Mozart, Chopin and the others for that stuff.

Too bad Janis and the Airplane aren't around anymore. Guess there's always the GD, but Jerry Garcia is gone now.

I am with Joanna Davidovich though, there's a lot of new talent out there that could probably do a hell of a job.

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ennio morricone
that would be pretty cool and a bit different
anyone agree?

I like japanese composers a lot, like kenji kawai, the one who scored Ghost in the Shell II Innocence.