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blinky returns

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blinky returns

ok.. this is a weird one..
it's ultra simple, yet, took me a loooooooooooong time to do as compared to the other ones.
I was trying to see if i could slow the action down and still make it clear, readable,and sort of fun...

so.. as usual... it's mixed bag!



its not as good as ''most'' of your others but thats still saying alot.I guess the gag wasnt my favorite and the animation just wasnt as interestng as your others.

It was still pretty good though i think i might just be a litttle burnt on these boss animations(finally but it took a while) so i think my opinion is afected by that.

1.who's the boss
2.ohh well here we go again
3.a nasty bit of venting
6.musical chairs
7.what i do during my lunch breaks
10.blinky 2
11.its been a long day

It's just a different type of animation Thunderobot.
As i have said before, i'm always trying to learn/improve on my animation skills.

It is much harder( at least for me) to slow down an action than to make a hyper action oriented one!
i'm pushing my limits!

I love you. I want you to know this.

I love how you tied this one with the other. I tell you. You should put all of these together on a website(forgive me if you have already). I think they make a fun little series.


Cartoon Syndicate project

ah... right...
my girlfriend might have an issue with that, but.. Thanks deadsquid!!


seeing your other stuff, its clear you are not an animator of the slowness. Not that the animation is bad....just doesnt seem to have the similar feel the rest have given. I think from the others we expect these boss animations to be a bit more lively.

You know, when the roof fell down on the boss, i was kinda left wanting the classic anticipation. Looking down at the rubble that fell, then looking back up to see OH CRAP ITS FALLIN ON ME! Not that that is THE answer, but just kinda what i thought the first time i saw it. Was kinda abrupt to me.

and, oh yah. haha. in Philosophy class during a lecture i was gettin pretty bored. So the page i was taking notes on turned into a page FULL of doodles.(i hadnt writen any notes at all) I did them all in your style of circle head and square body. I like it. its fun for gestures and stuff. Its fun and its good exercise thats for sure. Im sure ill produce pages of them in that class. haha.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

yeah i kinda agree with blinkmetoys it was missing the office of doom feel that im used to.

That was awesome Pascal. The part when the boss takes a puff of the cigar then slowly exhales is so very nicely done. I do think his actions from when he starts pointing, feels a bit even. They all feel like they are the same speed. I love the hole and cracks in the floor. Also that peice of rubble falling down the hole at the end is really nice.

Hey, you lived in Hawaii. You should know, there's nothing like the love of a dead squid Pascal. :p

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Oh, I think you could've added more time after the boss looks down before he gets squashed. So you can see that kind of "what is that thing on the ground" look on his face. Right now, he gets squashed while his head is looking moving down, and if feels a bit rushed.

You didn't happen to get a gold fish recently did you?

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

yup yup yup..
Agreed agreed agreed...
there is not one post I disagree on..
I do also believe this is not the FUNNIEST boss animation I did, or will do, and that is very very wasn't meant to be the funniest( i mean.. while i was doing it, i knew it wasn't going to be the slapstick one i usually do!)
ANd.. the fact that some of you react that way to it commenting on the fun part of it as oposed to the technic of it is a GREAT Compliment..because you guys don't even talk about( i assume you don't even think about it) , the tecnical aspect of it , which, in some weird way, is something i'm still struggling with( untill the end of our lives, we will each have something to struggle with and try to push the limits back..or at least..that' the way i want it!)

here, my main point , was to give the boss, some "character" moment.
And.. by some of the posts , i think I have succeeded.
the smoking and puffing the smoke is a little harder to do than most would think( which gives me an even bigger respect for all those disney guys , even when they do things like pocahontas, or home on the range( which was actually well animated, in my opinion!)

i'm pushing in a different direction than what i can normally and easily do.. eventually, i'll get back to that, but i will do so by being so much better at some other parts to!

all in all..
all of your comments are FANTASTIC guys!


Push away Pascal. It's always a joy to see you working out different ideas be it story wise or technical.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Thanks ape.
hey.. did you get my email??


I think this is damn near perfect.

We know something's going to happen to the boss. It's formula. And you knew this, so you made us wait longer than usual for the violence. We wait and wait and we know it's coming, but we wait... then we get a hint, ok... it's coming... what will it be? Then the boss from the other cartoon falls on his head. It's only funny as an inside joke, but as an inside joke, it friggin rocks.



some have missed it..
but you hit it right on the nose!!

I read the frederator blogg
nice job!!




some have missed it..
but you hit it right on the nose!!

I read the frederator blogg
nice job!!


Thank you, thank you...

We were going to pass on a second attempt to get into Oh Yeah! Cartoons, but after careful thought and a couple of late nights and Mt. Dew, I decided to give it one more shot. Eric emailed me back just now and said go for it, but make sure it's funny. I rewrote last night. I need to check the timing and see if it needs to be shaved down. And I need to give it a shot of humor steroids.

Gah, my brain is full. Anyway, loved this short. Laughed out loud, but then again, I usually do.

awesome spaceghost!

good luck

By the way, I should tell you that it was a brilliant set-up making the earlier cartoon boss with the yellow shirt. It's the only reason this one worked so well. The b/w bosses look so similar, that this cartoon would simply have been a guy falling through the ceiling. This ONLY worked because we knew from the flash of yellow, who the hell this guy falling through the ceiling was.

Great job of thinking ahead (or using an element of the past effectively in the present, whichever was the case).

I think it is great how you keep changing the point of view with each clip. Well I am working on a project, and right now I am trying to work out the framing.

it keeps it alive I find!

what's your project wontobe?


The computer club I am a member of has an macot icon. I am going to show it going to a meeting. Like I said I am working on framing this so it interesing and the action is easy to followed.