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this seems like a classy board, so if you don't like me plugging my website, delete me. but first hear me out.

you seem like you'd be interested in complaining to disney about toy story 3, and how they're not involving pixar and such. so i made a site.

it's a meager effort, i admit. and linking to my ridiculous little petition isn't the most effective recourse, but it's a start. you know... i'm just trying to get the word out.

thanks for your consideration
-mike pearl

Hi youdontsmellbad, and welcome to the AWN Forums.

I do belive that PIXAR and Disney are back in negotiations. Although I think the fact that Disney owns the rights to the characters PIXAR created, it's not as if PIXAR didn't know that was part of the deal. I was always in the contract and PIXAR signed it. Do I agree that Disney should be making a sequal with out PIXAR? Not really. I didn't think PIXAR should have made Toy Story 2 before it came out. After I saw it, I thought it was better than the first film. I'll still see Toy Story 3 when it comes out. I've heard the basic story premise and think it's a clever and funny. I also wouldn't call Disney's talent "sub-par." They have some of the most talented animators, artists, and story people out there.

As for them laying off hundreds of artist, yeah, that happened. Disney has always done that from way back when Walt was still heading the company. Also it's not like they no longer have those hundreds of jobs, they will have to hire hundreds back to make Toy Story 3 as well as their other 3D films. They will have to hire animators, modelers, riggers, set dressers, shaders, TDs and tons of other CG based artists. Along with the typical storyboarders, character designers, concept artists, colorists, foly artist, musicians, producers, that typically accompany animated films.

Am I thinking it will be better or just as good as the first two? Not really. But then again, I never think sequals are going to be very good. And I have to disagree with Brad Bird about sequals. I don't think haveing the same people on the sequal that were on the original makes the sequal good. Look at Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, and Terminator 2. Empire Strikes Back was way better than Star Wars because George Lucas wasn't very involved in it. Conversely, look at the Prequals, and what rubish those turned out to be.

I'll wait to see how it turns out.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

i think ape gave an honest and pretty straight answer there. also just to add if they have the same crew working on it that is working on Rapunzel Unbraided it should be quite a visual feast.

To everyone who gets upset by these reincarnations....

......If you're not going to like it, however prejudicial (it's a free country), vote with your wallet: don't see it , don't watch it, don't discuss it; ignore it. As long as you rent, pay to watch or give it ratings, that's all they care about; the bottom line.
I never understand one getting their underoos in a knot every time a new version or sequel comes out. Listen to word of mouth. If it's good, reward with your rental or trip to the cinema. If it's bad you don't have to anything.
These studios will punish themselves if they produce garbage and no one actually sees it. WHether they learn the right lesson is another story.

I still think the Toy Story 3 studio and more importantly all other potential pixar sequels have all a long been a massive bluff Disney is holding over pixar. (And Pixar is calling the bluff) Yea Disney has the right to do sequels, but the lesser known fact is that they don't has rights to any of the assets. Models, rigs, concept, all of that has to be done from scratch, let alone the fact the pipeline for this new studio has to be created from scratch. Also Tom Hanks has refused to voice the character unless he is working with Lassester and Lassester only. Toy Story 3 is going to be MASSIVELY expensive for Disney.... we shall see how this all turns out.
Character Animator - Lucas Arts

Forget about Toy Story. Create a petition to stop this from release:


For the most part, Disney is going ahead with Toy Story 3. They can always scrap it at any point though. As to pipeline and models, that doesn't really matter. PIXAR remodeled everything from scratch for Toy Story 2 because of the improvements in technology and for better artisty. As for the pipeline, this isn't their first 3D feature. They've already done "Dinosaur," and "Chicken Little," "Wilbur Ronbinson," and most likely "American Dog," and "Repunsuel: Unbraided" will come out before then. So they will most likely follow those pipelines.

I agree with you Graphite about speaking with your dollar.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Anything that's feeding an animator's family is okay by me. I'd rather see "Quest For Camelot II" and know some guy's house payment was getting made, than know he lost his house.

BTW, when I was at Nickelodeon on Friday, some artwork for Charlotte's Web 3 was delivered, and they had a job listing for character designer on their jobs board. That was kinda cool.

I don't think the fact that maybe it feeds a few animators for a while justifies making unneccesary sequels, or films that were a bad idea in the first place. I think sometimes you need to let the field lie fallow for a while. Otherwise you will just kill any interest that the audience may have with inferior work. Too much crap may hurt the animation industry in the long run.

I agree with Harvey 100%!

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

Eh, instead of making and signing petitions to stop bad animated films from being released, how about spending your energy creating good animated films that redefine the genre and put companies that rely on cookie cutter plots out of business because your films make audiences see that there could be better things out there? Oh wait, that's too hard... where do I sign up?

Disney is hiring specifically for TS3 - Feature Animation is not producing the movie. The crew is in a separate building. They've set up a separate "studio" to produce this film.

Personally, I think the jobs on TS3 are the least secure in the industry right now. If Disney and Pixar come to an agreement on distribution, I think this project (and those jobs) will go away overnight. Disney's petty acts at SIGGRAPH with their TS3 promotional materials (poster facing the PIXAR booth) and subsequent weak "we didn't even realize it" excuse are pathetic.

I hadn't heard about Hanks refusing to participate - in fact, I'd heard just the opposite; that he was on board for 3. I HAVE heard that John Ratzenberger had refused to reprise Hamm, but in his role as PIXAR good luck charm, it's not surprising.