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Stock Character Voice Clips for CG

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Stock Character Voice Clips for CG

Hey All You CG Feeaks.

Need cheap stock character voices for your CG project, or short? Look no further as I've started a new site with several diverse voice actors for just that purpose at

I can not tell you how many times I've had veteran animators contact me via email and ask for FREE voice clips to animate shorts, flash, ecards, intros, pencil tests, etc and/or all you beginners whom just want to practice with good voice character dialogue but can't afford the standard rate for custom voice clips from us exp actors.

So now that all the MIPCOM content is ready I decided to devote time to the creation of an actual product now officially called VoiceToons along with my service over the years.

(bla bla bla) Ok to the point if you're looking for pre-produced themed voice clips this is a site for you. The best part is you don't have to mortgage the home, sell your stuff on ebay, or call the parents for a loan :-) to get quality clips. Just have a visit and you'll see the idea.

I welcome suggestions on voice set themes you might like to see us create.
Thanks and happy animating from us at VoiceToons(tm) and by the way yes we will also offer freebies each week so pop by and show us your work using your stuff.