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a little frustrating experience

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a little frustrating experience

While I was trying Flash 8, doing this animation.. the brush kept doing those splashes each time i was making a stroke.
It's very frustrating .. and .. just killed my desire to finish upthe animation.
does anyone know how tofix that thing??
( when you look at the is really aparent in the second part , when the balloon start pulling the guy... at that point i didn't feel like fixing it anymore!)

well, its a good animation none the less.

You use a tablet right? maybe you set a sensetivity setting or something? Making it a bit easier to make marks that arent intended? i dont know really though, just a guess.

tis a shame. Hope you can figure out the problem so it doesnt happen again.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

Hehe, you know what, Pascal? I really love your humour! :D
I'm astonished, how you could achieve such expressions with such simple strokes.
Great animation as always!

What I'd tweak in terms of animation is that bit when the heavy guy bursts in through the door. How about letting the weight of his body pull down the pose as he "lands" after his step, you know, squash it a little, to give viewers a better idea of how heavy he is?

Hey thanks guys for the nice feedback.
Blinkmetoys... yeah..maybe you're right..I should look into that.
I just got so frustrated with it though that i'm now back to flash 6
oh well..

thanks , i do try to simplify, simplify simplify..

Jabberwocky( I just saw your work by the way... sketches here and there.. GREAT STUFF..good luck for the seventh !)
That's a good idea.
There is already some of that going on, but i have consciously been trying to deemphasizes this.

One of the things I try to do is to not follow straight classical rules to see if i can find some stuff out on my owns....
but..oddly enough,i find myself NATURALLY doing things that other people before me have been doing before.
't seems those masters really covered it all, didn't they??



you know pascal it really doesnt come of as messy or splashy.It comes of as thick sketchy lines overlapping and i think you have had similar sketchy overlaping and thick lines in your past animations.I think it looks fine and the first time i watched the video i didnt even notice what you were talking about.Even after wathcing it three times i dont see it as a big deal thus i truly think its not something you should worry about too much. :D

My only crit would be to make the ballon fbf instead of tweened.I just like the squiggles in your black and white animations.

As for the gag i wonder what was going to happen after he was pulled up?

i did like the clown and the boss either way. :D

hey thrunderobot...

More than the way it's the process of drawing.
itis justplain annoying!
and that breaks my focus and my pace.
you may not see it in a huge way in the end result, but it does definetly cramp up my way of working.

as for the is not tweened at all..
it is barely animated.
i'd just put it there as a place holde and moved it a few times ..but.. after getting a bit too frustrated with that brush tool... i just ended the whole piece very fast..hence..the lack of " button" or"real gag" at the end..

but..i still think the idea is quirky enough that I may redo this one!!


By the way..i likethe way you give such complete feedback.
it's very nice!


Hey, I've got the demo version of flash 8 and I just went in there and sketched with the brush tool and I didn't get that problem at all luckily. Although I did see what you were mentioning in your animation. I wonder why it's doing that?

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someone mentiones that i should reinstall my tablet's drivers...
i'll see if that works!

I have friends that have the same problem I do, and they have tablet pc's ( as oposed to a wacom like me!)

or you on a pc or a mac bluehickey??


speaking of tablet's

what model do you own pascal?

how mcuh did yours cost?

hu.. i don't have one thunderobot


as oposed to a wacom like me!) and someone mentiones that i should reinstall my tablet's drivers...

doesnt that imply you have a tablet?

i know you dont make these animations with a mouse?

ok.. i thought you meant a tablet PC.

i just have an intuos 2.
At the moment i'm using the middle sized one, but i also have a big one at home.

The size doesn't really make much of a difference for me.


Look man, I hate gushing. I hold off from commenting about your work because it would be "fantastic" all the time. But there are some animation, not many; some golden age stuff, the odd new stuff, Pixar's stuff, that make me want to pound the ground in some kind of ecstacy and use expletives and say," That's @!!##! beautiful!" It's usually stuff I don't know how they do it....well.. I know how but don't know how, y'understand? ANy ways your stuff does that to me.

That's the gush to end all gushes.

graphite man...
that's .. that's...
you know..
that's....yeah... like that.. and even more..

I don't know what to say!



hey pascal where is the new one? :(

I thought you made one everyday lol


wheres your stash i need more?


I do one sketch a day..
which you can find here...

and ,in that same directory you will find a bunch of other sketches from the previous days...
as far as animations..
I had to stop for a bit , but just for a bit( c'mon.. i posted on just ..what..Monday??...geeezz...


patience young padawan..patience..


well, since thunderbolt already asked....i am kinda curious as well.

i am thinking of asking for one for Xmas, as opposed to say an Xbox 360. haha. They are the same price though, oddly enough.

Im kinda liking the Wacom Intuos3 9x12. I like room to draw, and thats the size of my sketchbooks so i know i like that size. Does size really matter though? :rolleyes:

ive gotta test them out. See if i like the whole drawing on it thing.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

someone mentiones that i should reinstall my tablet's drivers...
i'll see if that works!

I have friends that have the same problem I do, and they have tablet pc's ( as oposed to a wacom like me!)

or you on a pc or a mac bluehickey??



I'm on a mac using a grahire3 4X5 tablet

It's odd though that the tablet would work fine for a previous version of flash and not the latest version. makes me wonder if it's not a bug with flash 8 that arises everyonce in a while. (ya know like when you are on a tight deadline to get something done!)

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I think that you need to check your perferences for your brushes, Flash 8, and for your tablet. Something might be switch on when it should be off.