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Work experience

Hi Guys I am currently looking for a place for work experience in London, if you have any suggestions on the studios to approach and what i can expect I would be greatful.
From The best coffee maker in London.

Hello Rannettez,

What kind of animation are you looking to specialise in?

Hi there, I will be specialising in traditional drawn animation, i come from an art background and i am interested in the issues of film and movement.

I might be able to offer you some work experience working on a traditional cell animation. I am currently making the film in Hemel Hempstead, just outside London, but may move to Brighton. If you are interested i will PM you with a bit more info.

I would be very interested. PM me and also if u want to see some samples of my work, or more background information please do not hesitate to as.
Hope to hear from you soon.