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question about directing

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question about directing

I've been wondering, if I wanted to become a stop motion animation director (not quite Tim Burton but along those lines) would I necessarily need to be a really skilled stop motion animator? I did a degree in animation (got a 2.1) and I can make lovely models but my animating skills arent good enough for professional animation. They're good but not perfect and I really see myself as more of a model maker. So I guess I'd hire animators.
But would the fact that I'll probably never actually work as an animator, be a problem in trying to direct my own stories etc?

I think you don't need to be an excellent animator to become a director.. What you need are:
1- to be able to distinguish between great, good and bad animation..
2- to know the animating process and rules.
3- to be aware of how much efforts needed to do stop motion animation.
4- to have a clear understandable vision so your animators can understand what you want.
5- to have artistic taste.
6- to have your own opinion, vision and style.

I suggest to read books and articles, to read other directors interviews and experiences, and to direct a small project to learn from the experience before directing big projects..

Good Luck..


Thanks thats very useful!
Yes I'm going to start coming up with some ideas and get some good equiptment...inspired now. :)