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Animation Soundtracks

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Animation Soundtracks

Hi all I hope you all can help me Im currently a student for an animation course well I would like to know apart from obtaining the rights of songs+music from a record company and making my own how else might I obtain music for my animations that I create?Are there sites where I can download license free music? If so please reply as it would really help with my animations thanks.

I think the older the music the less restricted it is. Wasn't that one of the reasons John K used the old classical stuff in Ren and Stimp?

you could try a search for royalty free stuff....however I found such things can come with a hefty price tag.*sigh* no one ever thinks of the little guys that don't really have the budget of any type of studio...if they can even afford a budget.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Boyfriend is a film composer....Jeff Vidov is offering...

Jeff would love to help you out. He's interested in doing some demo work for animation. He has scored 12 movies. Contact him through

email is


I remember there was a performer who did a CD called "Music For Movies." The purchase price of the disc was all that was required. Once you bought the disc, you could use its content in any endeavor.