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HELP, Anyone interested

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HELP, Anyone interested

Hey i'm looking for some animators who fancy a bit of a challenge. I want you to help me animate the 2nd part to my unusual series entitled Hamster Wars. You can view the test i made on newgrounds here

It being my first proper flash animation, the animation is very stunted and slow towards the end. I need people who want to try and help me get over this problem. I cant offer you money, but i can offer you the ability to get noticed by giving you credit space, thats all. Please help.

All i need is to make the backgrounds look better in some places and improve the hamster animation. If you notice their fur never moves.....ever. So if anyones interested just leave a post and i'll send you my contact details. Feel free to ask me anything regarding anything your curious about, the name "Hamster Wars" for instance.