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I'll do audio...

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I'll do audio...

given half a chance.
Yeah, me again.
I've got a track record of composition, music production and a bit of sound design, but I'm really looking for a chance to cut my teeth doing the whole audio thing for a short film. If you're looking for anyone to do any sound stuff, drop me an email. I'm just after a bit of experience, so it's not something I'd charge for, and I can chuck you in a bit of original music (which I definitely can do!).
Probably best for something which isn't too time sensitive, because if I screw it up (and er... that's got to be a possibility) you can throw mine in the bin and get someone else to do it.
I've got an audio studio, which is really set up for music production, but I've got all the synths, mics, compressors and sound mangling tools, and I know how to use them.
Hey, it's a freebie.
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sounds really cool

do you use real instruments of synthisizers?

Thanks. I use samples, synths and real instruments. There's demos of my music on my site, but I've nothing up right now that shows my sound design and audio editing stuff. Also, a lot of the stuff I do for fun is too weird to put in that site, which is really aimed at the jingle and commercial market.

I'm really just looking for a little film which might even just have voices so far, and I'll have a bash at doing the rest.
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Looking for voice talent and music composer/arranger

I am looking for a voice talent and a music composer/arranger/remixer for a 80 mn CG animated movie (sci-fi love story). This is a long term project.

Very sincerely,
Alain Tartevet -


Sound Designer Needed

Hi there, I need a sound designer for my film that I am directing at the moment I need atmopsheric sounds, a full sound track, sound effects for a three minute short, would you be interested in working wiith me?