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what i do during my lunch breaks

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what i do during my lunch breaks

ok...that's a tremendously short one...and.. will probably end at the bottom of thunderobot's list..
it still makes me smile!

nope pascal your wrong. :D

its actually very entertaining for the short time that it runs.I also love the character design of hte bully type chracter.

1.who's the boss
2.ohh well here we go again
3.a nasty bit of venting
6.musical chairs
7.what i do during my lunch breaks
10.its been a long day

great job. :D

oh cool
glad you like it thunderobot!!!!


P. could easily do a website based on these things. Be like a animated webcomic.

They are always fun to watch.

you make me want to get a tablet and freehand stuff in flash.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

blink me toys..
yeah.. i thought about that already...
there are a few things that stop me from doing it though.butit's a great idea!

like an animated blogg!