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3D Modelers needed

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3D Modelers needed

We are a big 3d rendering company working in the Architecture and Design business, and we are currently looking for 3d modelers.

This is a part/full-time job, where you can work from your home, at the time schedule you wish, with your own equipment. An internet connection is a must, as its going to be the only way to collaborate with the rest of the team..

- To be self-motivated, able to pick up an assignment and work on it to completion without supervision, in a given time schedule.
- Have both the time and the desire to dedicate to work on the jobs you are going to be given.
- Keep records and documentation of your own contributions.
- Ability to solve problems, "think outside the box", and do own research to discover a workable solution.

ARTIST Positions open:
3D model artist or animator

Applicant must be skilled in 3D modelling in Autodesk Autocad, and have some basic knowlege of Autodesk 3D Studio Max or Autodesk VIZ
Applicant must have internet access
Applicant must be self motivated.

To apply for a position please send an email to:
as soon as possible, including some basic information about yourself and your experience.