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stealing from old movies

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stealing from old movies

If a movie is public domain does that mean i can take sounds from it (i.e. music and effects)?

i own alot of old monster movies such as plan 9 from outer space and the blob.Im pretty sure they are public domain as there are 3 no name companies that sell each one lol.For instance they have a cool criterian collection version of the blob but i can also buy a generic no name version for one third the price.

If these movies are public domain can i steal say background music from them?

if a public domain movie has music in it does that automaticaly mean the music is public domain as well?

Never use the word steal.

You might be able to find a place that sells archival footage for cheap. Around here there's a place like that--they've got a ton of stuff from the 40s and 50s, and I think it runs about a dollar a minute (which isn't as expensive as it sounds if you're making a shortfilm). Of course, you could probably find a better deal online, but it's just a suggestion.

But if you've already got a ton of old movies, and want to know if they're PD or not, you could probably find out by contacting the original publishers.

Good luck,

thanks alot for the advice :D

so the place around where you live?

whats it called?
how do i find out if there one by my residence? :confused:

thanks a ton!

The place I mentioned earlier is called Basement Films. Here's their website:

They're kind of a small business, so I don't know if they have any other locations (again, you could probably find out on their website :D ). If not, you may be able to order clips long distance, or get some advice on where to find what your looking for.


Most of the movies in the $1 DVD bargain bin you mentioned are indeed out of copyright. To know for sure, check out They have a bunch of public domain movies and music that you can download and use.


thanks so much for that info :D

I found a ton of old stylized cartoons that have some cool music and effects and they are also public domain.I also am going to download a ton of old movies. :D

There is a private snafu cartoon on there with a raymond scott song on it called powerhouse.Its a wonderfull piece of music but while the cartoon says its public domain i want to make sure i can trust that site.Can i?

thanks everyone!