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game development degree

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game development degree

is anyone know any good universities that provide a degree in Game /software development?(in Us and Japan)

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RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY) was in the process of putting one together several years ago. They also have a 3D animation and computer science schools (you can typically take classes in all of them with some crafty registering). It might be worth contacting admissions to find out more.

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RIT and gaming

Since games are developed by folks in different areas of expertise, the program that is being developed at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) is in multiple departments ... School of Design, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Software Engineering. I chair the design program with the Game Art and Design courses. Students generally major in one area and minor in another. If you are interested in either area, please let me know and I will provide additional information.

Theoretical horseshoe-a

Theoretical horseshoe-a mandatory component, without which further study is meaningless. Speaking the language of a computer is not easy, but it is possible. And there are a lot of such ways, I advise you to learn more about it here